10 Ways of Getting Started with F#

Tomas Petricek, @tomaspetricek
tomasp.net | fsharpworks.com

1. Exploring .NET libraries

F# Interactive gives you quick feedback

2. Calling REST APIs

Easy using JSON and XML type providers

3. Unit testing

Simple syntax & domain specific languages

4. Creating domain model

F# Records for simple immutable types

5. Testing web UIs

Canopy domain specific language

6. Build automation

FAKE is the most powerful .NET build system

7. Understanding the world

Access interesting data with type providers

8. Property based testing

Automatically discovers corner cases

9. Reading data from the web

Access tables using HTML type provider

10. Build a web server

Suave is a composable functional web server

10+1. Design a museum!

See testimonial from Goswin Rothenthal at F# Foundation web

The F# Software Foundation


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10 Ways of Getting Started with F#

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